Open House Tips for Sellers Who Want to Host the Perfect Showing

The open house is a great tactic to get curious buyers (and buyer’s agents) into your home, allowing you to showcase the property without the hassle of an appointment. As you can probably imagine, an open house will require more than simply opening up your doors for the day and waiting for guests to arrive. There is a fair amount of preparation and marketing that go into these events. If you’re going to host one, you may as well go big, right? For the best results possible, follow these open house tips for sellers to dazzle your guests.

Preparing your home for success

Once you’ve set a date for the open house, it’s time to roll your sleeves up and get to work. You will want your home to have the best curb appeal possible but also look its best on the inside as well. To do this, you’ll be making two lists.
The first list will be of cosmetic items that need to be taken care of. Touching up the paint, cleaning the carpets, and other tasks should be completed before the open house. Have your agent weigh in on this, too, as they can suggest important changes.
The second list is what deferred maintenance items need to be remedied. If an interested buyer takes a look at your home and sees that a few windows are cracked or the siding is loose, they might move on to the next house. A clean and well-maintained home will sell faster and for more money!
You’ll want to get both the inside and outside of the property in the best shape ever. Make sure the lawn is neatly trimmed and edged. Be sure that it stays free of clutter and debris. The exterior is the first view your potential buyers will have, so make sure their first impressions are great ones.
Consult your agent about getting your home’s interior ready for the event. Hiring a home stager is an excellent investment, as these professionals will arrange your furniture and decor in ways that are most appealing to potential buyers. They will also encourage you to depersonalize your home as much as possible to create a blank slate for viewers. However, these aren’t the only open house tips for sellers you need to know.

Keep it clean and decluttered

If you went into an open house and saw that it was dusty and cluttered, would it make you want to buy?
Getting a deep cleaning done before the event is strongly encouraged. A professional cleaning service will do a thorough job, whipping your rooms into presentable shape. After that, it will be up to you to keep it clean before the event. And just as importantly, you will need to keep any clutter from accumulating.
Consider packing up some of the items you won’t need on a daily basis and storing them in a garage, outbuilding, or closet. Be sure you put anything away as soon as you’re finished with it. Don’t let the laundry build up, and put it neatly away when it’s finished. In some ways, it’s like living with your parents again, who were constantly reminding you to pick up after yourself. The difference here is that keeping your space clean and decluttered will have a solid financial benefit for you in the end. A place that is neat and tidy is sure to make a better impression on your guests!

Getting the word out

You could put together the most remarkable event the world has ever seen, but if no one knows about it, how would anyone attend? When you host an open house, you will certainly want anyone and everyone interested in buying your home to be aware of it.
A great open house tip for sellers is to work with your agent on getting your open house advertised. Often, this is done by contacting other agents and brokers that represent current buyers. This network of agents will bring their clients to your event in hopes of helping them find their dream home. 

Have information available for interested buyers

Chances are that most buyers who enter your home that day will have seen many other properties already. Thus, you’ll want your home to stand out and to have its information at the fingertips of anyone who might be interested. 
Sitting down with your agent before the open house and creating an informational brochure is a great open house tip for sellers. They will compile this information and, along with professional photos, assemble a brochure that highlights all the incredible features of your place. 

Give your agent the reigns

You might be tempted to be on-site for your open house event. You might even be looking forward to answering any questions or concerns the interested parties might have about your property. Experts maintain, however, that this is the time to let your agent’s skills shine through.
An interested buyer might feel intimidated or pressured if the seller is present at the open house. Studies show that it is also easier for a prospective buyer to imagine themselves in the home if the current owner isn’t present. Because of this, real estate professionals highly encourage sellers not to attend the open house.
You’ve contracted with a trusted agent for a reason, remember? Your agent has had many successful open house events and will know how to approach any interested party. Trust in their abilities and let them steer the ship.

The bottom line

A successful open house clearly takes a good amount of preparation. Having a top-notch agent guide you through the process is strongly recommended, as they will put their marketing skills to best use in getting the word out about your event. You’ll be able to lean on your agent to navigate the entirety of the sale from the moment the first offer comes in until the ink is dry on the closing documents. 
If you’re searching for an experienced and dedicated agent, reach out to the professionals at Halloran & Associates. From open house tips for sellers to expert marketing skills and more, this trusted team is the one you want by your side. Get started today!